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The · Misadventures · of · Miss · Anthropic

(with tendencies towards sexitude!!)

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I had a dream I was trying to work out on equipment that didn't fundtion properly.
I was trying to make due with this broken stair stepper because I had decided it would help me feel better to get in shape and sweat a little. It was kind of pathetic how hard i was trying to work out on this broken machine.
I wonder what that means.

So anyway, I am starting to do some christmas shopping and it's pretty fun.
I wish I knew what to get everyone, I'd buy it all online now.

I still feel very, very depressed, but at least I don't feel suicidal anymore.
It's probably all the looking at "cute overload" I've been doing.
I'm serious! I could be crying and then if i look at the amazing animals on said site i feel better.
And then I want to visit a petting zoo.

petting zoo!!
I'm going to get dressed to go out and try n shop more.

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at mom's house
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touched touched (in the pants)
Current Music:
Tyco remixed by nautalis- sunriser project
* * *
I dislike healing oral piercings.
I got my medusa pierced and I want to take it out already.
No one likes having eating be obstructed or making faces be painful!

By the way, halloween sucks.
Dress up every day.
It's more fun that way.

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jubilant jubilant
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* * *
I am at work and trying to look busy.
The live chat service I do is really dead and I don't want to just sit here. So I will type in live journal!!
I have been looking at cute overload every day and it makes me want to roll around on the floor and go "EEEE!!"
Sometimes I do.

I am taking a new med on top of my Lithium. It's called Lamictal. If i titrate up too fast on it I'll get a rash that might not ever go away.
I am taking it in hopes my ugly moods will go away.
I had some suggestions to see natural-like doctors, which I still want to do, but I don't have time.

Today I am going down to this apartment complex kinda sorta in the ghetto to see if they have anything for lil' ol' me to live in because I still really hate my room mate.
My car might get broken into a lot. I had better get a club. and poop on my car so no one will want to break into it.
Sometimes things aren't bad, but i choke my "grrrrr" down mostly to play nice.
My bad living situation is my fault because I can't bring myself to tell my room mate how much she makes me want to hang myself. GAAAD it sucks!

I sure to pick at my ear a lot! And nose! The camaras probably think i constantly pick at my nose because I clean and fidget with the 3 pieces of metal in it.
I'm thinking about taing my septum ring out.

This entry is so "blah"! Where is my oomph?!?

if i get a job at UOP, i go to school for free.
free school now please!
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blah blah
Current Music:
Old boy sound track song...
* * *
for some reson my LJ text on my screen is so small i can't read it.
* * *
The cleaning lady is in the bathroom and must use it.
I have to pee! Argh! pee pee peeeeeeee.

I feel guilty because i ate last night! Like i woke up and ate and went back to sleep. >:(
bread, crab, and an apple. booh.

I want to go to:
A. The Fair
B. Ladytron
this weekend. I kinda forgot about them and don't know if i have money for all those things.

People, should like, go with me n stuff.

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Current Mood:
uncomfortable i have to use the bathroom.
Current Music:
Way Hey and Blow the Man Down
* * *
* * *

1. Explain what ended your last relationship.
The Man
2. When was the last time you shaved?
a while.
3. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.?
it's 7:31am.
4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
cursing work
5. Are you any good at math?
6. Your prom night?
Prom Night?
7. Do you have any famous ancestors?
Davey Crocket
8. Have you had to take a loan out for school?
Once before.
9. Do you know the words to the song on your myspace profile?
"AS COOL AS A SCIENTEST IN HIS LABRATORY (crazy break beats)!" i broke the rules.
10. Last thing received in the mail?
fucking bills.
11. How many different beverages have you had today?
water, water.
12. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machine?
When angry.
13. Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to?
huh? what?
14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
don't remember!
15. What's the most painful dental procedure you've had?
teeth extraction
16. What is out your back door?
ant hills
17. Any plans for Friday night?
lol NO
18. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair?
mmmmmm planketon
19. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorns?
Several times!
20. Have you ever been to a planetarium?
mmm hmmm
21. Do you re-use towels after you shower?
like WOAH!
22. Some things you are excited about?
weekend, pooping.
23. What is your favorite flavor of JELLO Angel Delight?
no thanks
24. Describe your keychain(s)?
25. Where do you keep your change?
change pouch
26. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?
years? maybe.
27. What kind of winter coat do you own?
bunny fur.
28. What was the weather like on your graduation day?
grasshoppers invaded
29. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed?
mostly closed.

That wasn't a fun as i had expected/hoped it to be.
Current Location:
work, work, work!
Current Mood:
productive productive
Current Music:
Whinne the shit- prepare to be rattled
* * *
I am depressed again (surprise)!
wtf?! I eat right, i take meds, I am active, i take vitamins, and i just got back from super fun amazing uber time!
I don't understand.
At least I see my doctor today.

I won't let this beat me.

I really wish i could eat a whole bag of circus animal cookies. Or some Godiva Chocolate. mmmmmmmm.

Maybe staying around happy people will help because their happy wil rub off onto me and I won't be able to help but feel AMAZING.

Current Mood:
* * *
Every day at work while i compulsively check my hotmail, i also read a lot of the news articles on MSN. Now, these range from tacky celeb articles to actual news articles.
The news has been really depressing lately!
The president is making some new bill that will make us tourture friendly.
So we can now detain and torture people outright for the sake of America.

I wonder if one day they'll ever enstate martial law again?

Current Mood:
crazy crazy
* * *
I got back from cali yesterday and it was wonderful!
Not the getting back part, the going to cali part.
I went with Derek and we took lots and lots of cute, adorable pictures. Some of which i will post one day. We did disney land, LA, and San Diego.
I decided to break my diet for the trip, and I ate and ate amazing food.
I drank beer, I had rice, chocolate (a lot), candy, noodles, churros, ice cream, and mooooore.
I drank only one night, but became drunk too quickly. It was embaressing to be that drunk off of that little (i haven't drank in like, 3 months!)
I pulled my hair out on the drive there, also driving in LA, but damn.
Everything was great.
I'll post more later with pictures.
Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
Current Music:
Jamie Lidelle- a little bit more
* * *
I am dizzy. I am in pain. I am at work.
I just got bone fragments sticking out of my gums from my wisdome teeth filed down.
That sucked a little bit.
I am at work and I am trying not to be bored.
Or throw up.
I am on pain killers because they made me gums and bloody mess and I have not eaten at all today.

I really have nothing to post about... I feel happy lately and things are lovely.
Things with Derek are still lovely.
Things with being a domme are going well.

Fuck, this is lame, blogging is for losers.

Current Mood:
content content
* * *
* * *

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